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The best tricks to clean windows

Cleaning the glass, crystals and windows of a house is a task that always demands a little effort from us, since it is difficult to get them to be completely transparent as when they were first installed. With these simple tips that All Pro Commercial Cleaning gives you, you will achieve the desired result.

Glass cleaning is not usually anyone’s favorite task when it comes to cleaning the home. It is understandable: although it seems like a simple task, many times the final result is not what was expected. After spending a lot of time cleaning the windows, we found that they don’t look particularly shiny.

With the passage of time, dirt accumulates and sometimes a layer that is very difficult to remove is created. It is time to call professionals, All Pro Commercial Cleaning has years of experience and qualified personnel to carry out the task.

If the cleanings are recurring, don’t worry, there are solutions!

You will see that changing that situation is much easier than you imagine. Only maybe until now you weren’t considering some key tricks and proper cleaning products. After knowing them, leaving the radiant windows will be super simple.

In this article we show you what those tricks are and what chemical and natural products will help you to clean your glass and windows:

#1 Eliminate paper towels

If you have a roll of paper towels among your window cleaning products, it’s time to get rid of it!

Paper towels not only leave marks on the glass, they also leave behind lint. Instead, use white fiber or microfiber cloths or mops.

At All Pro Commercial Cleaning we are suppliers, with us you can find all these products for the correct cleaning of your windows and much more.

#2 Hot water

Many people do not notice the big difference between using hot water and cold water for cleaning. To clean glass and windows it is necessary to use warm water mixed with soap.

The first step consists of wiping with a cloth moistened in this water and rubbing hard when the glass has a lot of accumulated dirt or stains caused by grease, dirt or other elements that mark the glass.

In order for the cleaning to be perfect, another damp cloth must be passed again to remove the remaining soap.

# 3 The weather influences the cleanliness of your windows

Depending on the weather conditions or the environment where you live, glass cleaning may vary.

With this we want to tell you that it is not the same to clean windows in the city than, in more remote places, it even varies from one country to another. And this is because the windows of a house also suffer from dirt caused by contamination.

But, whether you find yourself in one place or another with a lot or little contamination, keep in mind that: the solutions that you apply to the crystals must be there for a while to trap all the dirt.

Therefore, always choose a cloudy day to clean the windows. If the day is very sunny, it can cause the solution to evaporate prematurely, leaving very unsightly marks.

#4 Clean from left to right and top to bottom

It may seem absurd to you, but the movements you use to clean your windows can make a real difference. Above all, it is essential that you clean from top to bottom, and this has to do with a simple matter of gravity.

Well, if you do it the other way around, as you go up you will dirty what you already cleaned below with the residues of the products used, which obviously (due to gravity) will fall.

And from left to right, respecting one direction, since if you come and go again and again, you will dirty what has already been cleaned.

#5 Outside and inside

Another little trick is to clean the interior glasses, with horizontal movements, and the exterior glasses with vertical movements. Well, if you have marks or scratches, you can easily detect which side you have to go over again without wasting time, looking for the origin of the mark.

#6 Polish the glass

If you follow all these tricks that we leave you and still see the odd mark, the simplest solution to successfully complete the cleaning is: polish the glass with a chamois or a microfiber cloth.

Vinegar and lemon: a magic trick

To make this natural cleaning product, you just have to mix a cup of hot water (remember to choose distilled water), a tablespoon of vinegar (it can work wonders for your windows and mirrors) and two tablespoons of lemon juice.

Both vinegar and lemon are powerful degreasers, so mixed together will give you a powerful cleaner.

Sodium bicarbonate

If you don’t have vinegar and lemon, don’t worry. You sure have some baking soda in there! This product is the best friend for the care and cleaning of your home due to its incredible benefits,  and it will also help you clean the glass.

To do this, mix a cup of hot water with three tablespoons of baking soda and stir. With the paste formed, rub the glasses. You will see very good results in a few minutes!

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