Why hire a commercial cleaning company and not a domestic

Why hire a commercial cleaning company and not a domestic one?

During these uncertain times, there are many businesses that do not have the demand that they previously had; even so, there are many companies that do. The cleaning industry has gained traction and could be the best option. You may not be sure what type of cleaning to hire. Home cleaning is very different from business cleaning, but that doesn’t mean that one option is better than the other.

In this article you will find the information you need about each type of cleaning business and how they are different. This way you can get a better idea of ​​which one might be right for you.

Home cleaning companies

Home cleaning companies are the best known to the general population.
The services offered
These businesses help many people keep their homes clean. They dust, vacuum, sweep and mop each room. They clean the toilets, mirrors, showers, and bathrooms. They clean surfaces and appliances. Some cleaning companies offer additional services such as taking out the garbage or doing the dishes.

Most of these companies do not pick up clutter because there is a risk that something will be damaged or that the owner will not find their belongings.

The market
The market is anyone with a house, apartment, etc. The market for home cleaning services is quite large.

Equipment and supplies
For regular household cleaning, you will probably need the following:

  • Vacuum cleaners with different accessories for hardwood, carpet and tile floors
  • Buckets
  • Mop
  • Long and short dusters
  • Broom and dustpan
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Toilet cleaners
  • Window cleaners and cloths
  • Protective rubber gloves and shoe covers (to reduce marks left on floors)
    Note that many items, such as microfiber cloths, need to be replaced after each use.

The clients
Getting clients is usually pretty straightforward for home cleaning companies, usually thanks to word of mouth marketing. You can also offer discounts for a complete house cleaning for family and friends if they agree to promote you to your acquaintances.

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Commercial cleaning

Many believe that commercial cleaning is the same as janitor services, but this is NOT the case. Concierge services essentially offer the same as house cleaning, but for businesses. Janitor businesses can be very helpful, but commercial cleaning exists for more specialized purposes.

Here you will find information on commercial cleaning, as janitorial services are similar to house cleaning.

The services offered
Commercial cleaning offers specialized cleaning services, companies don’t usually use them as regularly.

For example, if an office suffers fire or flood damage, remodeling, commercial cleaning companies are often necessary as they have specialized equipment. If a business has a hazardous materials spill or needs to have heavy machinery and equipment cleaned, then you should seek commercial cleaning services.

The market
As commercial cleaning is more specialized, its market tends to be smaller. Why? There are simply more homes than businesses, especially considering that not all businesses need commercial cleaning on a regular basis.

Equipment and supplies
You will need equipment and supplies similar to that of a home cleaning business, but you will also need other equipment of a higher grade or for industrial use.

For example, a household vacuum cleaner is not equipped to deal with fire and water damage. If you clean buildings or heavy machinery, you may need to use high-pressure water cannons to make sure you do a good job. You may also want to invest in more automated cleaning machinery such as floor polishers, sludge drying systems, etc.

  • Floor cleaning trolley
  • hydrojet
  • Industrial polisher
  • Industrial vacuum cleaner
  • disinfectant sprayer
  • scaffolding
  • industrial cleaning chemicals