Disinfection Services

To control the sources of contamination in your business, an impeccable level of hygiene must always be maintained. Disinfection aimed at eliminating COVID-19 in these times of pandemic is essential for any business to remain operational.

Biosafety protocols are becoming increasingly necessary at a time when the country is making progress in the reactivation of some sectors of the economy and miles of workers are returning to work. Experts recommend strict measures.

The gradual reactivation of various sectors of the American economy with the reopening of more activities has put on the table the importance of continuing to implement strict biosafety mechanisms, strategies and protocols to prevent the spread of the contagion of covid-19.

First of all, we must bear in mind that cleaning and disinfecting are complementary but not equal terms.

Cleaning is a process where we dissolve or suspend dirt, generally with water supplemented with detergent.
Disinfecting, on the other hand, consists of eliminating microorganisms from surfaces with chemical agents.
If we carry out the process in the right way, we will obtain clear benefits:

How often should this action be performed?

In reality there is no set frequency, but what our plan for surveillance and control of COVID-19 indicates, the WHO has mentioned that work areas must be cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis. In this sense, a service must be programmed to ensure that the work spaces of all employees are clean and disinfected before starting their work.

  • The image we project to our clients will be much better.Consumer confidence will be higher.
  • We will minimize the risks of contamination of our products, facilities and workers.
  • The service life and efficiency of the work equipment will increase.
  • Good cleaning habits will be created among our staff.
  • In this way, your company will need to have a cleaning and disinfection program.

All Pro Commercial Cleaning has all the necessary equipment for the disinfection process in your company.