Pressure washing floor


Cleaning with pressurized water makes it possible to remove mud, dust, paint stains, mold and many other kinds of dirt that may be on the surfaces of buildings, floors, vehicles, pipes, bridges, streets, etc.

High pressure increases the ability of the water to clean by providing the necessary mechanical action to reduce bond force and remove dirt. “The speed and amount of high-pressure water is determined by the type of cleaning to be carried out.”

In short, cleaning with pressurized water is an efficient and effective method of carrying out commercial, industrial and domestic cleaning.


Cleaning surfaces is a very important task to carry out in houses, buildings and, ultimately, cities. At ALL PRO COMMERCIAL CLEANING, this type of work is part of our day-to-day life, which is why we give it the importance it deserves. Sometimes they ask us what are the best techniques to remove the uncomfortable graffiti that dirty our facades, or how to clean the sidewalks that are covered in dirt. For this reason, today we want to talk to you about the importance and benefits of cleaning and treating facades and structures.

Cleaning with pressurized water
There are different techniques, all of them very useful and applicable depending on the surface on which to work, however today we want to focus on cleaning with pressurized water.

What is cleaning with pressurized water?
Cleaning with pressurized water constitutes a system that includes a motor, a pressure pump, pipes, hoses, controls, nozzles and other accessories to create the speed and flow of water that we need to our liking.

What are its benefits?

1. Result. The application of this technique is a safe bet when carrying out a cleaning service, since it guarantees excellent results, leaving surfaces practically as new.

2. Savings. The percentage of detergent used in these cases is much lower and, on occasions, it can even be completely dispensed with, depending on the complexity of the surface that we have to clean. This, therefore, allows us to save on material costs.

3. Time. Hot water is very efficient when it comes to cleaning surfaces, and it allows us to achieve good results in less time.

4. Environment. At ALL PRO COMMERCIAL CLEANING, the environment is an issue with which we are fully aware and which is of particular concern to us. For this reason, pressure washing significantly reduces the use of chemical and toxic materials, thus allowing us the minimum possible impact to the detriment of the environment. environment.

Excellent results, time and cost savings, and low environmental impact are not the only benefits of high-pressure cleaning. So is its versatility. By this we mean that it is a technique applicable to an infinite number of needs:

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