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Tips for cleaning floors using pressure washing

Many people make the mistake of not using the most suitable floor cleaning method for their business. Soapy mop is often thought of as a universal option. However, the truth is that depending on the type of floor to be cleaned, there are certain aspects that must be taken into account so as not to damage the materials.

Regardless of which branch of the industry, dirt is present in all plants, especially in those that carry out processes that involve substances that are difficult to remove from surfaces when they want to be cleaned, such as greases. and paints or even common residues such as raw materials and those left on surfaces after parts are formed and machined.

For these more difficult types of laundering jobs, household cleaners are not the best option, as they sometimes cannot perform well in removing dirt or other contaminants that compromise appearance and appearance. security of floors or other surfaces within companies.

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If you are looking to obtain better results when you want to clean very dirty concrete floors, at All Pro Commercial Cleaning we solve it, with special materials and equipment for this type of work that is applied with high pressure or steam equipment. It is suitable for treating concrete surfaces prior to performing repair operations. In addition, it removes a wide variety of dirt, such as grease, oil and dust.

If the floor accumulates a high concentration of pollutants, you can carry out a pre-cleaning treatment in which the surface is moistened with the concentrated product and subsequently remove the dirt by means of high-pressure spraying with water or a diluted cleaner solution. In case the concentration of pollutants is low, the direct application of high pressure treatment is sufficient.
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