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What is post construction cleaning

Post-construction cleaning is one of the tasks that generates the most stress for our clients. All Pro Commercial Cleaning is the solution.

Once you hammer in that last nail, tighten the last screw, and step back to admire your new remodel project, it can all look done. You have removed and gutted the pre-existing structure, built a new addition or renovation, and now you can sit back and relax.

But not so fast: what about all the mess you’ve made? Any project large or small, short term or long term, will leave behind some dust and dirt. So whether it’s a commercial or residential project, a DIY project, or a contractor that has left a trail, you may want to consider hiring a post-construction cleaning service to finish the job and take care of it. of disorder.

post construction clean
post construction clean

Post-construction cleaning is one of the tasks that generates the most stress for clients and users. For this reason, at All Pro Commercial Cleaning we have a specific work team that performs the cleaning of the work more adequately, in record time.

Post-construction cleaning aims to surprise the end user to make construction, renovation or repair work forget in an instant, eliminating the stress generated by clutter and dirt.

To achieve a perfect finish, we work as a team with construction companies and guilds, so that we can eliminate all concerns on the part of the client:

  • Work team specialized in post construction cleaning, with the right material for its best performance.
  • Specific treatments for the removal of difficult stains such as paint, grease, silicone or cement residues.
  • Prevention of dirt before the work with protocols, removal of furniture and protection of sensitive areas.
  • Reinforcement work during the renovation, to reduce the inconveniences in the day to day, and general cleaning after the work, to return to the normal situation as soon as possible.
    Faced with this type of cleaning, which is especially complicated, we provide the decisive professionalism and experience to save work, time, money and problems.