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Spring cleaning, in reality, should not vary from our usual cleaning, although it is true that we will have to emphasize some points. We explain it to you!
Spring cleaning is a thorough cleaning of the entire house and requires considerable effort, so the best advice we can give you to clean the house is to have a plan beforehand and try to divide it by days and people, or if you prefer, Hire a specialized company.

The truth is that spring cleaning is synonymous with renewal. For this reason, we have to take advantage of wardrobe changes to get rid of everything that we are not going to use or that we have not used during the last year. So when we are organizing the closet we will make three separations: what we want to keep, what we want to donate or sell and what we want to recycle or throw away.


Should there be an emphasis on cleaning any room during the spring?
Allergies proliferate in spring, so we must put special emphasis on keeping our house free of dust and mites. So we will have to vacuum regularly, wash clothes at a high temperature and not forget about sofas, cushions and other upholstery. For example, we can use allergen-proof mattress and pillow covers. Proper ventilation and keeping the house cool and dry, for example with the help of a dehumidifier, will do the rest.

What rooms should always be cleaned in this season of the year? Any object in particular?
The trick to avoiding big cleanups is to spread out the tasks throughout the year. Although it is true that with the arrival of spring and good weather we can take advantage of cleaning rooms that we do not use in winter, such as terraces and gardens, or the garage. In addition, coinciding with the change of wardrobe, we will have to wash and store winter bedding, such as duvets and blankets; the coats that we no longer use, etc. We will also take the opportunity to store, always after making sure that they are clean, winter sports equipment such as skis or snowboards.