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Five tips you should do for spring cleaning your office

Are you a business owner or manager in a company? Then it is very important for your
organization to carry out a spring cleaning, to put your office and its surroundings in order.
Despite the effort that is made to keep commercial offices clean and tidy throughout the year,
it is sometimes impossible. Many business organizations find this time of year a great
opportunity to organize their office. You can set aside some time for your staff to clean up the
mess and sanitize your workspace, but we know it won’t be a deep clean, All Pro Commercial
Cleaning offers professional cleaning that can help your business look spotless.

Benefits of spring cleaning

While spring cleaning your office may seem like a daunting task, putting a little time and
energy into this process can benefit you in your professional life. For example, one study finds
that a clean office can increase productivity by at least five percent.
This is because a clean and tidy workspace provides the following benefits:

  • Improves staff morale
  • Fewer distractions, better mood and confidence.
  • Productivity is increased
  • Better focus at work
  • Less stress
  • Good impression

The following 5 tasks will help you in spring cleaning to give your office a more pleasant
environment and to keep your employees healthy this spring.

  1. Create a Checklist – Before you start cleaning your office, the first and most important thing
    to do is create a checklist of what needs to be cleaned inside your office. For that, take a few
    hours and tailor the checklist according to your office and your needs. You can also set a
    reminder when it will start.
  2. Clean all surfaces: Start your spring cleaning with office desks, clean your desk, remove all
    items and put only the essentials in an organized way. Keep frequently used items close at
    arm’s length, such as sticky notes, paper, and pens. Then wipe down any surfaces you come
    into contact with, such as door handles, screens, vents, keyboard, mouse, and any other areas.
    Be sure to clean your air filters, which should be replaced about every 12 weeks, as it helps
    prevent allergens from spreading through your office.
  3. Tidy up your drawers – A common problem many people run into is having both necessary
    and unnecessary items in their drawer. For example, many of us have that drawer that is full of
    random pens and other office supplies. Sort out your drawers and organize them one at a time
    and separate the items you plan to keep, while discarding the items you don’t need. As you dig
    out your drawers, look around and decide what supplies you might need. You can also write
    down other supplies that you may notice you are missing during the cleanup.
  4. Get Out the Old Documents and Keep the New Ones – Go through your old financial records
    or other documents and determine what you need and what you don’t need. According to the
    IRS, most tax records can be destroyed after three years. So first sort important documents
    you need to keep from those you no longer need, lock up those you decide to keep or scan,
    store your digital files in a safe place, and then shred unwanted physical documents. Proper
    document destruction ensures that documents you no longer need are completely destroyed.
    To keep new and important documents with you, choose an experienced document scanning
    company. They will help in mass scanning of the documents you need to keep.
  5. Take care of your cables and cords: Having a bunch of cables under a workstation is a
    common headache in every office. During cleaning, this must be taken care of first. To organize
    a tangle of cables, secure them to the back of your desk or along baseboards so they don’t
    dangle everywhere. You can also make it easier to access wires and cables by labeling the
    important ones. To do this, take a bread tong and write down the electronic device each wire
    belongs to. This will help to avoid pulling on the wires and guessing which one needs to be
    disconnected. Sorting out the clutter of wires and cables protects the office from potential
    employee injury, damage, fire, and other inconveniences.

These above-mentioned tips can help you clean your office efficiently and give you an
opportunity to revamp your workspace, increase efficiency, and turn it into a productive space.
However, as you clean up your office, you may need help with data management. Partner with
experienced data cleaning companies as it is a practical option to clean up your office and
safely handle data management projects.

Now that you have your workspace looking fresh after spring cleaning, it’s time to mark your
calendar for regular weekly cleanings to reap the benefits of a neat, tidy, and tidy office all
year long. Stay dedicated to the system you’ve set up for physical paperwork, digital files, and
emails. Follow the tips mentioned above as a habit as they will convince you to declutter your
workspace on a weekly or monthly basis.

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