how technology revolutionizes cleaning services

How technology revolutionizes cleaning services?

In recent years, cleaning companies are benefiting from the great technological advances that are developing in today’s society. Now, businesses have better equipment, products that sanitize without affecting the environment, stronger organizations and even improve their presence on the Internet with their own websites.
Likewise, they have new equipment available that avoid risks for workers, for example, in the use of biotuits and fogging technologies for the disinfection of a building, commercial office, among other places.
Added to the importance of hiring a cleaning company, the services offered by this type of business are quite varied, and cover areas such as cleaning offices, post-construction, communities, schools, health centers, tall buildings, commercial premises, shopping centers, storage container, etc.

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In view of the fact that it is more and more frequent and necessary to hire trusted professionals, companies have been adapting technologies, processes and trends that make them more efficient, safe and ecological, and that, in addition, give their clients the confidence they need for your recruitment.

Nanotechnology is one of the new friends of companies. Its application to products used to sanitize spaces minimizes the risk of corrosive and possibly toxic substances.
Thanks to nanotechnology, cleaning products are more efficient and their action in disinfecting surfaces and spaces is better. Deep cleaning is therefore less damaging and faster.

Ozone is also here to stay. Being a component that little or nothing pollutes the environment, it has become the favorite of cleaning companies, which require machines and qualified and trained personnel to carry out the task safely and without setbacks.

Ozonization keeps any environment controlled and germ-free by eliminating microorganisms, chemical pollutants, odors, polluting gases, allergens, viruses, excess moisture, etc. In addition, it reduces by 98% the chances of contracting diseases and their contagion.

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Ultrasound has also been a finding that some cleaning company has already begun to apply. Its efficiency in cleaning metal parts makes it special and necessary during the days in industrial premises. Microfiber also plays an important role, since it very easily helps to eliminate allergy outbreaks with its use.
For cleaning the facades of glass buildings, there are also new technological solutions. There are tools that allow workers to operate from the ground, with a range of 20 meters, using a carbon fiber pole.

This method uses softened and osmotized or pure water, which acts by contact on the surface without requiring pressure or chemical additives. One person can clean 500 square meters of facade with this tool in a full day.
When choosing a cleaning company, it is good to know what innovations it has among the services they provide, since they are generally quite efficient and do not affect the budget too much.