Spring Cleaning

Why is spring cleaning necessary?

Experts say doing a thorough spring-cleaning of your home has a number of health benefits. For starters, a clean home can strengthen your immune system and help you avoid illnesses. A decluttered house or office can also reduce stress and depression as well as help avoid injuries.

Spring clean and it symbolizes a new beginning, a chance to clear away not only physical clutter but also a cleansing of the mind of any regrets and mistakes.

The advantages of cleanliness

  1. The term cleanliness refers to a place free from all sorts of dust, bad smells, dirt, stains, etc.
  2. Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is an essential part of healthy living. Our responsibility is to keep our room, house, office, and surroundings free from dirt and contaminants.
  3. Cleanliness not only includes our house, room, and surroundings, it also includes personal hygiene and proper care of our body parts, which helps in maintaining a person’s physical presentation and general health.
    The main advantages of cleanliness are:

    • Cleanliness promotes mental clarity.
    • Regular handwashing can prevent the spread of infections.
    • A clean environment automatically boosts our self-confidence.
    • Cleanliness gives a fresh and good look to our surroundings.
    • Wearing a cleaned and ironed clothes protect you from skin infections.
    • Cleanliness minimizes the entry of rats, cockroaches, and other parasitic worms or insects.
    • Cleanliness gives rise to a good character by keeping body, mind, and soul clean and peaceful.

Temperatures are finally warming up, and you can feel it in your bones — the urge to throw open all the windows, your wardrobe and start loading up boxes for donation.

For many of us, the renewal of spring signals that it’s time to get into spring cleaning mode. Decluttering isn’t just good for our homes — it can actually lift our moods, as well.

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