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Eco friendly Professional Cleaning Services

The amount of chemicals that go down the drain is huge every time we clean the bathroom, kitchen, floor, windows. These, along with all the waste that goes down the drain, toilet paper, cigarette butts, dirty water that is used to clean, etc., although they are later treated, they do not completely disintegrate and end up in a river or the sea. increasing pollution. Especially chemical disinfectants that are the most aggressive for the marine environment.

According to a market study regarding cleaning services, 76% of the people surveyed stated that they take the environment into account in their domestic tasks, while 80% would be interested in a professional cleaning service that respects it. It is a fundamental trend that corresponds to a profound evolution of our society.

The problem is that despite the fact that many citizens want to act respectfully with the environment, the vast majority do not know how to do it or where to start. This is where All Pro Commercial cleaning provides the push you need to take action.


All Pro Commercial Cleaning offers cleaning of all kinds, both in private homes and in companies, offices, communities, restaurants, hotels, marinas, warehouses.

One of the methods used is high-pressure, high-temperature steam cleaning, combined with other eco-friendly products.

The sustainable practices that you could use are multiple: spray the product on a sponge to avoid wasting it, use the wet sweep technique to reduce the use of the vacuum cleaner, remove limescale using micro fibers, work with certified products that are friendly to the environment.

4 reasons to bet on ecological cleaning

  • Maximum quality

ECO Friendly cleaning offers better finishes and a “cleaner” image than the usual methods used by cleaning companies. Sanitation is also better, something that is scientifically proven; but in addition, it is remarkably palpable using the senses of sight and smell.

  • Conscience

There is no better way to clean to preserve people’s health and well-being. And neither is there to protect the ecosystem and preserve the environment; which also affects the care of people. Ecological cleaning uses advanced techniques and technology, which eliminates the use of chemicals that are so damaging to people, the environment and other elements (clothing, furniture …).

  • Low cost

Green cleaning can be carried out at the same price as traditional cleaning, but offers better value for money than traditional cleaning; and in the long run, a lower cost.

  • Business image

The use of ecological cleaning techniques reinforces the corporate social responsibility of the companies that use it. In addition to offering a greater sense of sanitation (which, on the other hand, is real) that has an impact on a positive image for both customers and employees or collaborators. ECO Friendly cleaning also reinforces positions related to innovation, caring for people and / or respect for the environment.

Ecological cleaning is respectful with the environment, but above all, it is respectful of people’s health. Beyond the social awareness of protecting and caring for our environment; and of course far beyond fashions, eco-cleaning is true cleaning: sanitation, health, good image, good smell and well-being assured for people. We have it clear, and you?