Windows Washing

Commercial window and floor cleaning in Orlando

Window cleaning is essential in both homes and businesses. In a home, window cleaning helps to get rid of dirt / debris that builds up over time and creates a welcoming environment.

In business, window cleaning goes beyond ensuring windows are free of dirt. The appearance of a business is of great concern. Employing the services of commercial window cleaners can project an attractive image for any business. Commercial window cleaners invest heavily in the right equipment to ensure window cleaning is done the right way. Most importantly, they have professional skills and experience that allow them to do an excellent job. But they don’t just help companies achieve a compelling appearance. There are more benefits to using a professional window cleaning service as explained below.

As has been shown, having clean, orderly and well-maintained work facilities improves the work environment, makes employees more productive and happy with their jobs, and transmits to their clients a sense of trust and a good image of their company.

In this sense, office windows and floors need spotting services, since they are constantly stained with fingerprints, liquid splashes and others, as well as general cleaning to avoid the accumulation of dust.

It is important to schedule the periodic cleaning of the windows, in order to keep them in optimal condition, so that they do not get too dirty between cleaning and cleaning, and they are carried out on the day that least affects the normal operations of the office or business.

How often should I clean?
Cleaning varies according to the conditions of each situation, for example, in houses it is advisable to clean the blinds 2 times a week with a gentle shake, and the glasses 1 time every month and a half or two, as long as they are not getting dirty by the weather, such as mud or water droplets staining the glass.

In the case of cleaning in hotels, shopping centers and businesses, we recommend doing it on a monthly basis, in order to keep them shiny, without stains and looking good. If you are in an area with very adverse conditions, such as exposed to a large amount of mud, a fortnightly cleaning could be considered.

At All Pro Commercial Cleaning we offer window and floor cleaning services, being able to carry out work at height, with the help of scaffolding and ladders, in addition to working with professional, environmentally safe window cleaners. So, don’t hesitate to contact us.