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Commercial Janitorial & Maintenance in Orlando

We are experts in commercial office cleaning and building maintenance. The reliable option for cleaning offices, companies and any area you need.

All Pro Commercial Cleaning provides professional office cleaning, whether you are a small business, a large national corporation or a government agency, we provide professional cleaning services at reasonable prices to your facilities. Our commercial cleaning services include scheduled office cleaning, building maintenance, floor cleaning, bathroom cleaning, and exterior cleaning. In addition, we also provide normal and emergency circumstances cleaning services for locations such as construction sites and post-disaster cleanup, as well as pre-and post-move cleanup or a gathering event.

Why Choose Commercial Cleaning Service For Office Cleaning Service

We know you have many options for office cleaning services. Today, it seems like anyone with a rag and a bucket can call themselves an office cleaning company. However, there is much more to office cleaning than meets the eye. When our office cleaning teams arrive at your business, you can expect that each team comes trained in the most efficient techniques available and equipped with the appropriate materials and equipment to clean any type of office building, we also have the guarantee that accredits us as a responsible company.

Because office cleaning typically takes place after business hours, you should evaluate the results at the beginning of your business day. This means that many office cleaning companies will tidy up the office, take out the trash, and lightly clean the surfaces. However, this type of office cleaning, while it looks good on the surface, will often leave behind dirty areas that are not normally inspected. Many office cleaning companies use chemicals that give the impression that things are clean by using masking odors that give the impression that things are cleaner than they are, All Pro Commercial Cleaning is a company that is characterized by carrying out a 100% effective work, we clean even the least accessible corners.

Commercial cleaning is different, we clean offices using eco-friendly cleaning techniques that, above all, focus on healthy offices. This means we use supplies like microfiber cloths, eco-friendly cleaning chemicals, and materials that not only clean surfaces, but clean the office environment as well. So, if you need your office cleaning done the right way, contact All Pro Commercial Cleaning for all your commercial office cleaning needs.