cleaning after holidays

Tips for cleaning after Christmas

Christmas dates bring company dinners, hangouts with friends you don’t see regularly, and especially family gatherings. Be that as it may, the safest thing is that you decorate the house, organize a dinner for the family, employees, friends and of course after all this it is necessary to collect and clean to return the house or office to its original state. Next in All Pro Commercial Cleaning we tell you some tricks to leave perfectly clean after Christmas.

How to clean artificial snow

A classic of these dates is to decorate the windows of the house with artificial snow. You put the template and spray, achieving a very original effect and with which you decorate the house with very little effort.
Although it may not seem like it, artificial snow is surprisingly difficult to clean. Normally we can remove it easily, but it always leaves a grease mark on the glass that we will not remove with a cloth without more. To remove this annoying stain that remains attached to the glass you can use a solution of alcohol and warm water. Dilute a capful of alcohol in half a liter of warm water and apply it with a cloth until any residue is completely removed. You can also use ammonia or vinegar instead of alcohol.

Collect and store the Christmas tree

If you are one of those who enjoys putting up a Christmas tree full of decorations and lights, you will know what it means to collect and store it. To facilitate this work, we recommend that you start by looking for a place to store it; As it is only used once a year, the ideal is to store it in a storage room or on top of a closet, where it does not disturb.

Once you have the place, start by removing all the decorations and storing them in boxes. If it is a question of fine glass ornaments you can wrap them in newspaper or bubble wrap and you see, putting them in the box neatly, if you pile them up you will find more than one broken next year.

Have another box ready for the lights, for which we recommend that you roll them in a circle and tie them with a string or adhesive tape; so you will not find them tangled when you have to use them again.

Ultimately only the bare tree will remain and here are two options. If it is an artificial tree, it will usually be enough to disassemble it or fold it and store it in its box; keeping the original box is highly recommended. We will always find some remains of tinsel or the needles of the tree that has fallen. To clean this, it is best to sweep the area, since these small plastic fragments can damage our vacuum cleaner.

If the tree is natural and we have chosen to cut it and place it in our house, the problem will be greater. It will release a lot of needles, even resin on the ground, and all of this will be tedious to remove. Needles can be easily swept away, but fir resin can be really difficult to remove.

Again a solution of alcohol and warm water can be very helpful. Without a doubt, it is easy to avoid this process by buying an artificial tree, there are incredibly realistic ones and you will hardly notice the difference once decorated.

cleaning after christmast

Cleaning candle wax on the tablecloth

A classic of Christmas dinners, you place your best table linen, decorate the table with candles and the inevitable happens. And the truth is that wax is very difficult to clean from textiles.
The first thing you should do is scratch with a plastic card that does not work for you or a knife that is not too sharp so as not to damage the tablecloth.

Once you have removed as much of it as possible with this method, you need absorbent paper and a hair dryer.

Place the paper under the wax stain and begin applying heat until you see the wax turn liquid. At this point, place more paper on top and let it absorb as much as possible. Finally, quickly remove the paper and wash the tablecloth in the washing machine. If the stain is not completely removed, you can always repeat the process.

Empty your storage room and closets and donate what you don’t want

Take advantage of your visit to the storage room to remove the tree and get rid of a few things that you are not going to use, take advantage of these dates to clean and empty the storage room.

The same thing happens with clothes, toys and anything that you do not need or do not use. This way you make space in the closet since they will surely give you something new.

All the things that you do not want will be well received in associations that at this time have a lot of work. It will not be difficult for you to find a place to donate clothes and toys on these dates. Make it your new Christmas family tradition and you will be carrying out a solidarity and socially responsible action; besides being a valuable lesson for children in this age of extreme consumerism.