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Cleaning a construction site after COVID-19

Construction sites have not been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Massive projects relying on tight deadlines and careful coordination have come to a halt as all attention is paid to slowing the spread of the virus. Suspension orders were initially issued on all “non-essential” construction in many states. Today many have already allowed construction activity to continue.

It doesn’t matter if the site is nonessential or essential, construction professionals throughout the hard-hit metropolitan New York City area are concerned about returning to work in a safe environment. Whether a construction site has a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 case or staff are largely unaffected by the virus, a thorough disinfection can ensure that the virus does not linger and reassures workers.

Why Sanitation Is Needed At Construction Sites During The COVID-19 Pandemic

We know that there is a possibility of this virus living on certain surfaces days after exposure. Cardboard, plastic, metal, wood, and glass are just a few of the surfaces COVID-19 can live on for hours to days after contact. Not only does this pose a risk of the disease spreading among employees and their families, it could also make other healthy workers wary of coming to work, leading to a large number of calls and absences from the workplace. That only further delays a project’s already stagnant timeline.

What is disinfected on a construction site during a COVID-19 cleanup?

If there has been a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 at your construction site, the site must be closed and a thorough cleaning and disinfection is required before resuming construction. A cleaning will cover the following:

High Touch Points: Elevator buttons, doorknobs, restrooms, port-a-johns, dining rooms, lounge areas, and common areas are automatically included in a thorough cleaning.
Areas frequented by the confirmed case: Confirmed by contact tracing, the cleaning to eradicate COVID-19 will follow in the steps of the individual with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 and will disinfect those points with which it interacted. This not only includes points of high contact, but can include temporary office space where the person left the paperwork or tickets that they used.
Equipment used on site: If the confirmed case was someone who used the tools on the site, all hand tools, specialized tools, controls on large tools, ladders and other equipment are fully disinfected.

Partner with All Pro Commercial Cleaning for Complete Sanitization

All Pro Commercial Cleaning experts have decades of experience working with a wide variety of clients to meet all the requirements of all environmental regulations. We have expanded this deep knowledge and understanding to include site disinfection to better serve and support our customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Unlike regular office cleaning services, All Pro Commercial Cleaning adheres to high standards, leveraging its knowledge of the complicated and multifaceted world of environmental remediation and applying them to the stringent standards required to properly sanitize a site.

Post construccion cleaning
Post construccion cleaning

The environmental remediation experts at All Pro Commercial Cleaning not only perform extensive cleanups of construction sites, but provide peace of mind during uncertain and volatile times. Whether your site has a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 case or you want to preventively clean your site, properly disinfecting surfaces is of the utmost importance to ensure construction can resume safely and without interruption.

If your construction site has been disrupted by a COVID-19 diagnosis, or if you are considering a preventive deep cleaning before reopening your construction site, please contact All Pro Commercial Cleaning via email for a free estimate.