Plant care

How to take care of cleaning indoor plants

The dust in addition to making it ugly blocks sunlight, so the ability to photosynthesize your plant slows down, making it sick and even killing it

ecologic clean

Lemon Baking Soda In Household Cleaning

the mixture of baking soda and lemon in household cleaning is used since it is an ecological formula, and both ingredients have disinfectant properties.

hands tree

Professional ecological cleaning of your office

At APCCORLANDO we are specialized in industrial cleaning for companies and professionals and we have worked with companies in the area of ​​construction

eco friendly

Eco friendly professional cleaning services

All Pro Commercial cleaning ECO Friendly cleaning offers better finishes and a “cleaner” image than the usual methods used by cleaning companies

post disaster cleanup

Post-disaster clean-up service in Orlando

Post-disaster cleaning will always be complicated, All Pro Commercial Cleaning is recognized as a trusted provider of office and commercial cleaning services

shopping mall in Winter Gardens

Office Cleaning Services in Winter Garden

Commercial office spaces can benefit by hiring a local janitorial company that's committed to providing the best service with team of highly-qualified cleaners

post construction clean

Commercial Janitorial and Maintenance in Orlando

The reliable option for cleaning offices, companies and any area you need, All Pro Commercial Cleaning is the expert you need for cleaning commercial offices

Moving cleaning

Cleaning Service for Moving in Orlando

All Pro Commercial Cleaning offers you to do the cleaning before or after the move and do it in just a few minutes in a very comfortable and simple way

Pressure washing floor

Pressure washing floor company in Orlando

We want to give you some tips so that you can clean tile, marble and concrete floors effectively and without damaging the surface.

office cleaning

Why is a clean workspace a good investment?

ALL PRO COMMERCIAL CLEANING provides contractors and developers with the ability to clean up their new business space after construction has completed

Post Construction

Cleaning a construction site after COVID-19

If there is a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 at your construction site, the site must be closed and a thorough cleaning and disinfection is required.

Windows Washing

Commercial window and floor cleaning in Orlando

Window cleaning is essential in businesses. In a businnes, helps to get rid of dirt / debris that builds up over time and creates a welcoming environment.