Though students don’t return to school in Volusia County until Aug. 31, teachers return to classrooms tomorrow for preparation and planning.

Among the bigger concerns during this time of coronavirus is classroom cleanliness.

“It is the expectancy of the board and the district that all classrooms will be ready as promised,” School Board member Ruben Colon said.

Colon says long before the COVID-19 crisis, some board members, teachers and staff complained about janitorial services but in recent weeks, the board has told the contracted company they are holding it to a higher standard and that the standard must be met or else.

District officials shared video of power washing underway as they travel from school to school to ensure all that can be done to prevent COVID-19 spread.

“All teachers should have a kit available to them with gloves, hand sanitizer, and other cleaning supplies available for their classrooms,” Colon said.

Those supplies will be refreshed daily and classrooms will be disinfected along with high touch areas like cafeterias, Colon said.

Even with that, the president of the teacher’s union told WESH 2 News last week, it’s still too risky for face to face in classroom learning.

Because Volusia County students don’t return until the last day of August, board member Colon says the district will be able to see how reopenings go in other areas.

“We’re going to have a lot of lessons learned from our sister districts as well as districts from across the country on what to do and what not to do,” Colon said.

The school board has at least two meetings scheduled between now and when students return. There could yet be changes to the reopening plan.

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