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COVID-19: Delhi startup provides free disinfecting service

The Delhi-based startup has disinfected hospital ambulances and beds of patients to keep them virus free.

By Express News Service

In view of maintaining high levels of hygiene at private and public hospitals, GermCops has stepped forward to provide free disinfection services to Emergency COVID-19 care centers, duly managed by the NGO, Doctors for You. The Delhi-based startup has disinfected hospital ambulances and beds of patients to keep them virus free. The disinfection service provided lasts for 30-120 days with 99.9 per cent germ killing rate.

Commenting on the social services, Ananya Goyal, Managing Director of GermCops said, “We want to promote our brand as the face of health and hygiene transformation in India. We want to create a brand image which depicts the family values. It should include care and selflessness to protect the loved ones. We want to show that we are willing to take care of their family as our own, when it comes to their health and hygiene. We also want to show that we are breaking the chain of transmission when it matters the most to the society. And are trying to ensure that the employees and doctors remain attentive and for reducing transmission in the workplace,” adds Goyal.

Applauding and commenting on the efforts of GermCops for doing the disinfection services as a social cause, Rajat Jain from the NGO Doctors for You said, “We at Doctors for You felt the need for a disinfection service at our isolation centre that was built for COVID- 19 patients at Shehnai Banquet near LNJP hospital.

GermCops which is in long term disinfection service came forward with a social gesture and helped us out with the services which will benefit the doctors and staff working in the centre.” Many are scared to visit hospitals to get treatment due to the fear of getting infected by the virus.

Thus, a healthcare facility must take extra precaution and be free from all types of unhygienic troubles. GermCops is working with mutually beneficial results and has also received post result appreciation letters from ArbroPharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd stating that they got satisfactory results from 1-10 days and it kills all pathogens/ bacteria.

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